Traditionally, dental implants have been associated with long periods of healing.Over 30 years ago, Dr.Branemark put together a technique for placing and restoring dental implants that proved to be far superior than anything that happened before.The only problem area was the waiting period. It literally took months to get these new teeth and many patients and dentists didn’t want to wait for this long.

Researchers and clinicians began to study methods of speeding up the process and one of the major results of this research lead to “tooth in an hour” available at GUMS N SMILES.!!!

“TOOTH IN AN HOUR” is a new dental implant treatment system that streamlines the treatment process and provides the patient with permanent tooth in a record time.The system incorporates the magic of CT SCANS and 3 D IMAGING software to accurately assess bone structure, map out the areas of best integrity and create a permanent prosthesis prior to the surgery.This revolutionary system offers a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and provides the patient with permanent teeth in about an hour.

“TOOTH IN AN HOUR” is a method, which allows the dentist to place implants with extreme precision, by utilizing radiographic 3 dimensional scans to make a totally accurate representation of the patients jaw and then construct a mechanical template on this jaw.This precision is so good that the final restoration (new teeth), can be made up on the model before and can be transferred to the patients mouth.Using the template in the patients mouth, the implants are precisely placed and new teeth attached allowing the patient to leave within an hour or two with a complete set of teeth ready for functioning!!!!

“TEETH IN AN HOUR” is made possible through PROCERA 3DPLANNING SOFTWARE and NOBELBIOCARE TECHNOLOGY! Combining a unique planning programme, a surgical template and immediate load concept it allows patients to leave our GUMS N SMILES with dental implants, permanent teeth and a confident smile after a short one hour non traumatic procedure!!!!