Besides specializing in implants and cosmetic dentistry, Gums n Smiles also specialize in paediatric (children’s) dentistry! We talk about that transition from a toothless grin to the first set of pearlies in your toddlers mouth!!!the doubts and the apprehensions…the treatments and counselling offered ….

Here at Gums n Smiles, the paediatric dentist makes sure that the first visit is fun and not something to be worried about!!!!

For The Parents: For infants (0 – 5yrs) : My child’s teething!!!!

When should we start brushing their teeth?

Even before the teething starts, it is advisable to condition the child to oral cleaning. Just wipe the mouth with a soft cloth, every time after feeding! As soon as the first tooth breaks into the oral cavity, introduce a soft finger toothbrush for your child.

At what age should I bring my child for the 1st visit to the dentist?

It’s advisable to bring them at the age of 1, just around their first birthday, then again at 2 and after that twice yearly. That way, we can catch signs of proneness to decay early and help prevent the same. Also, the infant gets familiarised with the surroundings thereby making the subsequent visits simpler and anxiety free, says the paediatric dentist.

What general dental treatments would be required for a child this age?

Most infants have healthy teeth at this age. However, this is the right time to analyse the growth, development and other inherited aspects of mouth and teeth. Counselling for the parents regarding oral health and hygiene forms an important part of the first visit! The most important first treatment is the tooth brushing techniques and advice for the same. A professional cleaning is recommended to ensure that your child’s mouth is plaque and bacteria free. Other treatments include FISSURE SEALANTS, FLUORIDE TREATMENTS, RESTORATIONS, PULP THERAPY (ENDODONTICS) AND PROSTHESIS if required!!!

For Juniors (6 – 12 yrs ):

Should we be doing any provisions before the adult teeth start appearing?

At this stage, it is very important for the parent to be aware that the mouth is extremely prone to plaque accumulation. This is because the child may not be brushing well due to discomfort. Also, there are pockets formed in the gum area because of eruption of teeth .Decay in the teeth is therefore much likely to occur in this age. Also, it is important for the parent and the child to understand that the new teeth are not completely mature and hence maintenance of oral hygiene should be of prime importance! Some additional fluorides too could be helpful at this stage.

How often should they brush their teeth and visit the dentist?

TWICE!!……brushing twice daily should be mandatory for your child this age…..two visits to the dentist in a year is recommended.