About a few thousands of people in India are missing all of their teeth and most of them wear dentures.They would also talk about using messy adhesives to keep their dentures in place.Besides bearing with the discomfort of loose fitting dentures, as the bone beneath keeps on shrinking, they also have to face embarrassing situations wherein their denture keeps on falling down.Speech and phonetics also get affected with loose fitting dentures. As the entire upper palate gets covered, relishing the food also gets difficult.If a patient is missing all of their teeth in either jaw or both jaws, there are several options available for replacement like implant overdentures, fixed restorations and mini implant overdentures.

Implant overdentures are semi-fixed restorations for completelyedentulous (no teeth) jaws.

When a patient is missing all of the teeth, implants are placed in the bone which then hold on to the dentures. The implants, which may vary from two to four in number serve as anchors for holding the dentures tight in place, thereby overcoming the instability and lack of retention of a common complete denture. Since the denture is retained firmly in place, the entire palate is not covered in the upper denture.This enables the patient to enjoy and relish the food (its taste, texture, temperature and all) !! With the implants firmly in place the question of resorption of bone and jaws does not arise, making your dentures last for a very long time!!

Also ,one of the main advantages of an overdenture is that it is very easy to clean and care for!!!


Many people have lost just one tooth, very often due to an accident and this is one of the most challenging situations.To replace a single tooth, especially a front tooth, demands great skill and total understanding of all of the concepts that go into cosmetic dentistry.When this is done with dental implants, there is very little room for error!!


This is specifically for single tooth replacement where we have less space, due to teeth migration.Mini implants can also be used to stabilize dentures.


When patients are missing some teeth in one or both jaws, the restoration can be done by “crown and bridge” where the crowns and bridges are cemented onto the implants, there by avoiding grounding of healthy tooth structure ,normally required for conventional treatments!!!