Tooth coloured fillings or cosmetic restorations are fast gaining popularity over their silver counterparts. Amalgam restorations or silver fillings, as they are commonly known, are now a thing of the past, with every aesthetic conscious person asking for the cosmetic ones!!!

Silver (amalgam) fillings tend to darken over a period of time. They also have a tendency to corrode and leak over time, thereby increasing chances of secondary decay.

Cosmetic (tooth coloured) fillings, on the other hand are not only more aesthetic but they also require less amount of tooth cutting. Also, since they bond to the tooth structure, chances of secondary decays are reduced to a great extent. Being available in a variety of shades the tooth coloured restorations blend in beautifully with the adjacent tooth structure, looking absolutely natural.

At GUMS N SMILES we use a wide range of the time and tried products of composites (tooth coloured fillings) available and used all over the world
(3M INTERNATIONAL, DENTSPLY INTERNATIONAL, IVOCLAR INTERNATIONAL) This soft material is added to prepared cavity in layers and is sculpted, following the contours of your natural tooth. It is then cured (hardened) by a high intensity blue light. The material hardens immediately and after a little polishing you walk out of the clinic and are free to eat, drink whatever you want, immediately!!!

So now have your decays restored without worrying about the dark silver showing everytime you open your mouth to talk, laugh or eat!!! Cosmetic (tooth coloured ) fillings are now the most preferred restorations by one and all.