More than 80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease and 99% of those have no signs to indicate they have a problem.

The adage To keep your teeth, take care of your gums” has a basis in reality!!

Do you have swollen red gums or bleeding gums? Did you answer yes to the query asked for your self access test?

Bleeding gums is a serious problem and ideally you should be seeing a dentist immediately. Bleeding gums either indicate the beginning of destructive process of the supporting tissue around the tooth (gum disease) or any serious underlying systemic problem!

Gum (periodontal) Disease begins when the toxins found in plaque (sticky thin layer of food and bacteria covering the tooth surface) attack the soft or gingival tissue surrounding the teeth. It is this bacterial toxin and the irritants that cause the gums to bleed. The bacteria embed themselves in the gum tissue and breed further, leading to infection. As the bacterial infection deepens into the tooth supporting tissue, the gums bleed, recede, teeth become loose eventually leading to tooth loss!!

Gum disease and Not Tooth Decay is the number one cause of tooth loss!!

Gum Disease does’nt hurt. You may have it for years before you feel thediscomfort.So don’t wait until you feel the pain.

A yes to one or many of the queries above for aself-diagnosis test and see the dentist!!

Gum disease can manifest itself in many forms ,however all require immediate treatment by a Periodontist to stop progression and save the gum tissue and bone.

So if you see your gums bleeding fix yourself for an appointment at GUMS N SMILES. It is really important to halt the progression of gum disease.Once we have assessed the whole situation after visualizing your OPG (full mouth xray) and clinical signs and symptoms, the infection can be treated with non-surgical or surgical ways depending on the extent of the disease.

The teeth are completely cleared of the debris using a procedure called SCALING and ROOT PLANNING.

CURETTAGE is a non surgical way to eliminate the gums of the bacterial lining.

LASER TREATMENT is the latest treatment protocol available for treating gum disease.It is absolutely painfree assuring you a quick healing without any scalpels, needles, stitches, bleeding or swelling!!

TISSUE AND BONE GRAFTING is a surgical procedure carried out where a considerable amount of bone or gum tissue has been lost.

FLAP SURGERY is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of gum pockets. Lingual Braces


Healthy Gums


Inflamed Gums


Infected Gums